Alert to buyers of Beamhit™ equipment from other sources

(EBay, Craig's List, local ads)

We have received numerous contacts from people who have purchased Beamhit™ equipment from the sources listed above. Beamhit™ systems are proven reliable and last a very long time, but we have found that many of these systems were missing critical components. If this is your situation, feel free to get in touch through our Contact page, and we will be happy to assist you in determining what you need to get you up and running. Or if you already know, just go to our Consumer Accessories page and purchase directly from our online store.

Also, lasers and targets from other brands are not compatible with Beamhit™ systems.

 For Cowboy Action and Fast Draw Competitors

We have a limited supply of the discontinued LTX-L Lasers (New Old Stock).  They were made for revolver handguns to permit holstering and drawing within time limits.  Fast draw practice is advantageous, but combining the fast draw with a timed Beamhit™ target and hit feedback creates the perfect solution, not to mention this is done in your warm house when it is snowing outside.  This laser system was made to fire only on hammer drop and will not fire on cocking.  It works in any revolver from 9mm to 45 calibers. Instead of the expense for practice ammunition, your cost for dry-firing 1000 times with hit feedback is ZERO DOLLARS.   These lasers formally sold for over $400, now available for $110. Check our Consumer Accessories page while supplies last.

Beamhit™ Marksmanship Training Solutions

The Beamhit™ Laser Marksmanship Training System (LMTS) family of small arms marksmanship training products are effective, affordable, safe and reliable training tools that help qualified instructors and individual shooters build strong firearms handling and marksmanship skills - from a solid base of fundamentals to the most advanced sniper training. Beamhit™ products are in regular use by military forces around the globe. Federal agencies, state and local law enforcement organizations and leading security operations use Beamhit™ products to achieve improved live fire qualification scores and mission readiness.

AFG Training Technology, LLC has a large stock of Beamhit™ systems and components for sale, as well as training services for new and existing users of LMTS. See our online store for additional information on our products and services.

About Us

AFG Training Technology, LLC is a Veteran-owned small business, Cage Code 73U51. The management team includes the former Director of Training for L-3 Training Technology Group, who developed training programs for all Beamhit™ Laser Marksmanship Training Systems (LMTS). He was actively involved in the Army Reserve Army Research Institute Proof of Principle evaluations resulting in the US Army Reserve adopting the Beamhit™ LMTS as an official training method. The US Army also approved Beamhit™ LMTS as an official Program of Record and included LMTS in the field manual for rifle marksmanship. He was responsible for writing and assisting with numerous training manuals for the Navy Reserve, Army Reserve, Active components, and law enforcement. Marksmanship training methods, especially with LMTS, are a natural with the AFG Team. Customer satisfaction and prompt attention is AFG’s goal.

We offer discounts to Law Enforcement, DoD/military members, and VERFIED NRA instructors.  Call for pricing

We now have available a small quantity of AirSoft rifles and pistols that we can convert to laser-only function for training purposes. These will be set up to function the same as the laser rifles used with the Beamhit™ systems in the USMC museum. We have these in M16A2, M4, AK-47, Mossberg shotguns, and a few pistols. We will be posting these for sale in our store soon. If you have interest in any of these before we have that done, please contact us at or from the Contact page.